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A Dog is Not Just For Christmas

Is Santa bringing a puppy to surprise a soon-to-be very happy boy or girl at your home this Christmas? We love the idea (we do love dogs after all!) but please make sure to do it right! Here's how:

Adopt, Don't Buy a Dog

There are so many great dogs in need of homes this Christmas, please consider adopting one instead of buying one from a breeder. Doing so means you can bring Christmas joy to your life as well as your new dog's, who gets to spend their life in the comfort of your cosy home instead of a cold shelter. Plus shelter dogs are often medically healthier than inbred dogs or puppy mills that have little concern for the health and well-being of the dogs they sell. There's plenty of options at any shelter too, so you can find the right dog for you.

Choose Your New Dog Wisely

There are many different breeds of dogs and every dog, no matter their breed, comes with their own personality. Which is best for you depends entirely on your family, your home and your lifestyle, so make sure you do plenty of research before bringing a dog home for Christmas this year. Every dog has the potential to be man's best friend, but that extra time spent finding the right dog for you can translate into a better bond with your dog and the best chance of your new dog bringing you and your family all the joy the Christmas season brings all year long, year after year after year.

Don't Underestimate The Financial Responsibility of Having a Dog

Dogs are called fur babies for a reason – raising one right can be as expensive as a raising a child! Vet visits, healthy food and treats, toys and activities, grooming...they can all add up and they're all essential to giving your dog a happy, healthy life. Don't forget too, that two immediate expenses that come with a dog are getting it microchipped (required by law in Spain) and getting it spayed or neutered. The latter is not mandatory by Spanish law, but yes, it is an essential part of owning a dog – there's far too many dogs without homes as it is, so don't skip this necessary step after bringing yours home this Christmas.

Quality Time is Critical For All Dogs

No matter the size, no matter the breed, no matter the personality or temperament of your new dog, remember that all dogs require quality time for physical affection and exercise. Doggy daycare is a great way to provide this needed stimulation, but long walks, dog training and fun games with your dog will still require your time, so if you plan on bringing a dog home this Christmas, only do so if you are prepared to also take on the time commitment your dog needs.

A Dog is Not Just For Christmas

The most important thing to remember is that while dogs make for a great Christmas gift, a dog is not just for Christmas. Bringing one home means loving and caring for that dog for the rest of its life. Please, please, please don't plan on having a dog under the Christmas tree this year unless you are prepared to do that.

Getting a dog for Christmas -or any time of the year, is a big decision and not one to be made quickly or lightly. So if you're considering it, please seek out help and advice from your local dog shelter (Adana, Triple A and Last Chance Rescue are among those you can find on the Costa del Sol) or come and talk to us at Paws Doggy Daycare! We love dogs and always have their well-being in mind, plus we have years of experience working, playing and being around a whole range of dogs so can offer plenty of help and advice in pairing you with your next best friend. And don't forget too, that once you have welcomed your new four-legged family member into your home, Paws will always be here to help with dog sitting, doggy daycare, dog walking, dog boarding and dog grooming too. We'd love to help you bring love, joy, happiness and health to your life by doing the same for your dog's.

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