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Autumn Activities, Do's and Don'ts for You and Your Dog

This October, have some fun indoors and out with your dog, but please be aware of some seasonal dangers too.

The Great Outdoors

Autumn is a great time to get outdoors with your dog. There's still plenty of sunlight, warm sunny days and if you're here in Estepona, plenty of beautiful walking paths to be found, both within city limits and in the countryside. If you're going for a stroll in the woods this Autumn, it's best to keep your dog on a lead while you walk. Dogs are naturally curious and will sniff at or nibble on just about anything to learn more about it. This time of year though, that can be troublesome, as certain mushrooms, acorns and other common discoveries in the forest can cause stomach upset or worse for your dog. In Sierra Bermeja, where there's still plenty of recovery time needed after their recent fire, new sights, smells, and even wild animals out of their element in search of food, water, and habitable spaces can startle dogs too, and dogs that are prone to chasing animals or wandering off can easily get lost in this new environment. Hibernating snakes are more prone to attacking during the Autumn too, so make sure you keep a wary eye out for both you and your dogs' sake!

Back to School

School is well underway in Estepona and Marbella, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't be cautious of back-to-school hazards for your dog this Autumn. School supplies that are left out and within your dog's reach, although typically non-toxic, can quickly become a dangerous choking hazard. Some dogs, strangely, can also have (or develop) a taste for glue, so make sure to keep any glue bottles or glue sticks safely stored away and keep any of your children's arts, crafts and projects that have used a lot of glue well out of your dog's reach (don't forget that dogs can easily jump and climb, if given the opportunity!)

Halloween Season

Like school supplies, Halloween decor can use excessive glue, glitter or other small pieces or parts that can be dangerous to dogs. The same goes for any costumes you dress your dog in -make sure no small parts can detach from it anywhere, even if your dog indulges in excessive chewing while it's on. Lighting, especially candles, that are iconic this time of year are also not only dangerous to your dogs should they touch them, lit candles on table tops can be easily knocked down by wagging tails or playful pups, so please decorate safely (battery-operated candles are a great safer alternative to traditional candles any time of the year!).

Halloween sweets are not safe to give to dogs, so never give into their pouts, no matter how adorable they are when they do it. Make sure sweet wrappers are carefully disposed of too, so that curious dogs aren't tempted to chew on them.

And although costumes are a staple this time of year, keep in mind that costumes, especially on visitors, may confuse or startle your dog, so make sure you're extra vigilant about your dog's level of anxiety, especially if you anticipate extra guests for Halloween parties or trick or treaters this year. This could manifest itself in a number of behavioural issues including aggression, chewing, whining, hiding, or even running away so make sure your dog is microchipped and your contact information on it is up to date.

Attending or hosting a Halloween or Todos los Santos event of your own and don't want to worry about your dog while there? Treat them to a visit to Paws Doggy Daycare in Estepona (Marbella)! Our dogs services include doggy daycare, dog sitting, dog boarding, dog walking, dog taxi service, dog grooming and more! Our fully-enclosed made-for-dogs space is a perfect place for them to have fun, socialise,and relax in a safe, secure, completely dog-friendly environment until they can come home to you, happy and exhausted! We can even pick up and drop off your fur baby so you don't have to interrupt your big plans; or if you're worried about Halloween night anxiety with loud noises, trick or treaters, and a strange schedule that can make your dog overly anxious, give them an overnight stay at our doggy hotel on October 31 and November 1 so you can enjoy the festivities knowing your dog is having a tail-waggingly good time, too.

We meet with all dogs before accepting them into our Paws pack and have limited spaces available so your dog always gets our full attention and care, so please remember to give us a call to book your dog in with us as early as possible!

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