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Doggy Pool Parties: A Match Made in Heaven for Costa del Sol Dogs

Summer is just around the corner and the stunning weather that the Costa del Sol is so well known for is already here! So grab the bikini, sunscreen, and your dog for a fun-filled swim in the pool! Not only is swimming an acceptable activity for dogs, it's a recommended one! Here's why:

Most dogs need 30-60 minutes of exercise a day.

And some breeds and personalities require even more - upwards of 2 hours daily! Beachside strolls and walks in the campo are great, but for older dogs or dogs who have a harder time moving around due to hip or joint issues or dogs that are overweight and struggling to exercise, swimming can offer buoyancy that can make physical movement easier. And even for young dogs without difficulties to overcome, as the temperatures climb higher and higher here in Southern Spain, swimming is a great option, as it can give them the exercise their bodies need them overheating.

Boredom can strike dogs just like it does people.

A lack of new and stimulating activities can easily bore your dog, which in turn can cause them to act out with less-than-desireable behaviour issues like excessive barking, chewing, and digging. Every dog is different, but not having enough activities to keep them active and entertained throughout the day can also cause dogs to develop anxiety, which can have long-term negative consequences for both you and your dog.

Some dogs cannot run.

Taking your dog for a run is the go-to way to offer your dog exercise but, health problems aside, some dogs and dog breeds are too large or too heavy to safely run and going for long walks or high-impact runs may actually cause physical damage. The good news is that all nearly dogs, no matter their size, shape, breed, or physical condition, can safely swim for physical exercise. And it's a fantastic workout too! One minute of swimming is the equivalent of 4 minutes of running that builds muscle, strengthens the heart and lungs, improves metabolism, improves circulation, decreases inflammation, provides mental stimulation, and more!

Swimming is a natural instinct in dogs.

The famous 'doggy paddle' is called that for a reason: nearly all dogs are born with an innate ability to keep themselves afloat in water. Of course, some dogs and some breeds are better skilled or better built for swimming, so always keep an eye on your pup while in the pool, but even those who struggle still enjoy a paddle in a smaller kiddie pool!

At Paws Doggy Daycare based in Estepona (Marbella) we have multiple doggy paddling pools as well as a full-sized swimming pool for all our doggy guests, whether they are staying with us for an afternooon, overnight, or longer. With plenty of other dogs to play with and lots of fun and attention provided by our dog-loving staff, your dog will be sure to have lots of socialization and all the exercise they need to come home to you happy and tired. Our 3,500 m2 fully-fenced grounds boasts a shady orchard, hard play surfaces, covered terraces, and comfortable places to play and rest in the sun and shade, too, so all dogs can run, play, swim, and rest to their heart's content.

All dogs at Paws Doggy Daycare are pre-screened so that we can get to know your dog and ensure they are a great fit for our current Paws Pack, so to book your dog in for a fun doggy playdate with us or arrange a special stay in our dog hotel while you're travelling this spring and summer, please get in touch.

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