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Getting to Know Paws and our Doggy Daycare Pack

With our pack of regulars and plenty of casual doggy visitors too, here at Paws doggy daycare and boarding centre in Estepona, we can have up to 20 dogs of every size, breed, and temperament with us on any given day - from little yorkshire terriers to big labradors and everything in between, and they certainly keep us on our toes! But we love every one of them and every minute they are with us!

Together, we get up to a lot. Some dogs of a quieter temperament prefer watching the on-goings from the sidelines, sprawled out in the sun, shade, or even their very own doggy bed. Others are naturally more active and never seem to stop playing with the other dogs and the Paws team, only settling down for their much-needed daily rest only when told. We have quite a few pack members that particularly love swimming too, so our outdoor pool is great for them, especially in the summer or even during the warm winter days the Costa del Sol is famous for. A run in the orchard and sniffing at all the campo smells is another popular pastime of many of our doggy guests, and plenty of fun is had by all with a run around the hard surface play areas. We have to admit though, the absolute preferred activity by every dog at our centre is always cuddles and treat time!

A big part of doggy daycare is socialisation and Paws is happy to know that by getting to know all of our doggy guests, no matter the day, the dog, or the activity, our pack are just that: a real life pack of doggy friends that love being around each other and playing together. And, although each dog seems to have their own preference of staff, which causes a bit of friendly rivalry amongst us, both Natasha and myself are proud to know that we have also been accepted as “honourary dogs” and are welcomed into all the fun and companionship that goes on every day here too.

Having regulars that come to visit us often means that we get to really know our dogs and their quirks that make them unique and special. No two are alike as you can tell:

Kira is a Yorkshire Terrier and our first doggy daycare client. She eats here every day and stays the night a couple of times a week. We've learned that if she arrives in a pretty dress we have to get it off her quick, otherwise she will do everything in her power to cover it in mud. She's also infamous for biting bigger dogs' bums when they aren´t looking, then quickly running off.

Onyx, a Doberman German Shepherd cross, is our gentle giant (who was muzzled by his owner before coming here and now realises just how gentle he is with other dogs and people). Onyx likes to chase reflections off our phones and watches and will stand for hours barking at birds in the trees that he will never get to.

Charlie & Rory are Waterdog crosses and litter mates who are obsessed with Natasha! These two boys follow her everywhere and if she goes into the house, they lay with their noses touching the door waiting for her to come back out. It's true love.

Winter is a Malinois Podenco Cross that loves to swim and thinks the pool is hers and hers alone! If she takes a toy off another dog and wants to keep it safe, into the pool it goes! If she has a stick or stone she doesnt want anyone stealing, you guessed it: straight into the pool.

Ollie, a Gogan, talks. Constantly. To everyone and no one. He also chews - including straight through seatbelts!

Pippa the Pointer Cross is first in line when cuddles are being dished out. She doesn’t much like the rain or cold and prefers to keep her coat even when the sun comes out! We have given up trying to prize it off her, when she’s adamant she wants it kept on!

Cody, another Pointer Cross and Pippa’s brother is a boy with big heart. He has grown to become the “Paws Nanny McPhee” when new dogs arrive at our doggy daycare centre, keeping them close by his side and showing them the ropes so they settle into pack life quickly and comfortably.

Cash is our Pomeranian Cross and the “little fox” of the pack. He fancies himself as the prince of the pack, but is also equally guaranteed to find anything dirty and smelly to roll in.

What makes your dog special? We'd love to meet them! Send us photos and fun facts, tag us in your social media or give us a call to arrange a trial day so we can get to know eachother and welcome them to our Paws Pack.

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