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How to Keep Your Fur Babies Cool This Summer

Staying Cool

Boy it's hot out there! Are you staying cool? How about your dog? Summer is prime time for heat-related injuries to dogs and although you're probably already aware of the importance of keeping your dog cool this summer (and plenty of ways of accomplishing it), at Paws we love all dogs, including yours, so we want to take a moment to reiterate some important reminders:

·Please, please, please never leave your dog in your car, even if your car doesn't seem too hot and even if it's only for a short time. Dogs overheat a lot faster than humans and what may not seem too hot or too long to you very likely is to them.

·Don't take your dog for walks on pavement. Forget the beach, too, for that matter. Both surfaces heat up immensely more than you may realise, especially for their exposed paw pads, and warm pavement or sand can easily burn them. Walks are highly recommended, but stick to grassy or wooded areas, preferably in the early morning or evening when it's cooler.

·Cool, fresh water and shade should always be freely available for your dog. Although dogs like to sunbathe, just like their human counterparts, they also need to regulate their temperature with cooling-off periods. Without them, it's extremely easy for dogs to experience dehydration, sunburn, or even heat stroke.

·Give your dog their own kiddie pool to swim in, even if you have a pool for yourself or live near the beach. Swimming is excellent for keeping your dog cool this summer and they do have a natural instinct for it, but not all dogs are apt swimmers. So unless you can supervise them constantly like you would a small child, give them instead their own paddling pool where they can get in and out easily and can comfortably (and safely) lie in.


Staying Safe

Summer can also present some other season-specific dangers for dogs, too, so please also keep these safety tips in mind this summer:

·Always keep your dog on a leash or in a fenced-in area; and don't leave your windows at home open unless they have screens. Lots of exciting sights and smells can tempt a dog away from you which not only poses the potential risk of them getting lost, it can also be risky in terms of environmental dangers.

·Keep up-to-date with preventative measures to keep your dog safe from fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes -all of which come out in an abundance during the summer months.

·Winter weight is a thing, so extra exercise is usually needed in summer to keep your dog's weight at a healthy level. Just make sure to give them the exercise they need safely: exercise during the cool parts of the day, offer lot of cool water, and plenty of rest, too.

Doggy Daycare to Keep You and Your Dog Happy

Overall, dogs really do need extra attention during the summer to keep them happy and healthy, which isn't always the most convenient for their humans' schedules that often include their own summer holiday plans, social events, changes to work schedules, and more. If that's the case for you, you can rest assured that your dog can still get all the love and attention they need at Paws Doggy Daycare. Located in the cool Estepona campo, dogs love coming for afternoon daycare visits, overnight boarding, and long holiday stays at our doggy hotel because we have everything they could possible want or need this summer! A huge completely-fenced area to freely run, play, and socialize with our Paws pack, shady orchard to stay cool during play time and covered terrace for much-needed rest out of direct sunlight, and constantly-refreshed cool water and plenty of watermelon treats to stay hydrated all day are all available at Paws. We even proudly boast a full-sized swimming pool that's always supervised for plenty of healthy exercise and lots of doggy dedicated paddling pools for a laze about without overheating in the Costa del Sol heat.

Paws is much more than a dog sitter or dog walker in Marbella, Nueva Andalucia, or Estepona -we provide a complete dog-friendly environment where your fur baby has full reign to live their best life this summer, whether it's for one afternoon, on a regular basis every week, or overnight boarding for a dog-centric holiday like no other. And it's not just about our purpose-built facilities, either. Our staff are real dog-lovers that will care for your pup as if it's their own with plenty of playtime, cuddles, and scratches behind their ears that will leave your pup wagging their tail in anticipation for their next visit!

Ready to book your dog into the best doggy daycare on the Costa del Sol? Give us a call on +34 625 847 779 or send us a message – we'd love to help you keep your dog cool, safe, and happy all summer long!

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