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Not Just Pampering: Regular Grooming Keeps Your Fur Baby Happy and Healthy!

We're here today to set the record straight: grooming your dog is not a matter of vanity or even luxury. Although those are definitely added bonuses to a well-groomed dog, staying clean, tidy, and well-groomed is actually a matter of health for every dog and something that should be provided, either at-home or through a professional service, on a regular basis. How often it's done is based on your dog's size, breed, lifestyle, and health (your vet can advise you on this) but no matter how often it occurs, it should include brushing, ear cleaning, eye cleaning, teeth cleaning, nail trimming, and bathing.


Giving your dog's coat a thorough brush removes loose hair, dirt, and dandruff and keeps it from matting, which not only makes your dog more cool and comfortable, it can also prevent infections. As an added bonus, brushing your dog can stimulate oil production, giving them a shiny, silky coat that's beautiful to look at and lovely to stroke.

Don't forget to check your dog's skin while brushing to look for any cuts, tenderness, fleas, ticks, bald patches etc so that you can nip any problems or potential problems in the bud.

Ear Cleaning

Cleaning your dog's ears of dirt and moisture is an essential part of routine grooming. Ear infections are a more likely occurrence in dogs than in humans, so regular cleanings are a must to prevent them. Whilst you're doing this, keep an eye out for redness or swelling, which can be a sign of an ear infection, as well as for mites or ticks in their ears (but seek a veterinarian's help to remove them if spotted).

Eye Cleaning

An often overlooked aspect to dog grooming is keeping your dog's eyes clean, which generally means trimming any hair so that it doesn't cover their eyes and checking for weeping or watering eyes, which, to be on the safe side, should be discussed with a vet if found.

Teeth Cleaning

Dog bones and similar healthy toys for teeth are no substitute for a good brushing with a doggy toothbrush and toothpaste on a regular basis. Dogs rely heavily on their teeth for day to day activities so keeping them strong and healthy is extremely important. Eliminating bad doggy breath is an added bonus for you, too!

Nail Trimming

Trimming your dog's nails on a frequent basis not only protects you and your furniture, it keeps your dog safe from painful in-grown nails and dangerous injuries. It can also even ease arthritis or joint pain in your ageing mutt!


Regularly bathing your dog keeps them clean and germ-free, but how often depends on your dog's breed (too-frequent bathing can strip their hair and skin of much-needed oils used to protect them). Your vet can recommend a bathing schedule that works best for your dog, but remember that even if your dog doesn't need as-regular baths, they might need just as regular grooming in other areas already mentioned!

At Paws Doggy Daycare in Estepona, we offer a full range of services to help you stay on track when it comes to grooming your dog and keeping them happy and healthy. Jaime, our on-site, UK-qualified dog groomer, would love to give your dog all the love and attention they need in the grooming department, whether they're new to the experience and need some time to adjust, or they bask in the extra attention and doggy-pampering they get from a grooming session. And our other dog-loving staff will treat your dog as their own while they spend the rest of the day in our made-for-dogs facilities. With an extra-large, shaded, and fully-fenced orchard, hard play surfaces and terraces; full-sized dogs-only swimming pool plus multiple smaller paddling pools; comfy doggy beds and sunloungers, walks in the countryside, and plenty of fun and friendship of both the dog and human variety and more, a day at Paws plus a professional dog grooming session with us is more like a doggy spa than a daycare! And if you really want to pamper your fur baby, why not treat them to an overnight stay in our dog hotel, complete with indoor, purpose-built dog bedrooms!

Give us a call or send us a message to schedule in some doggy pampering for your dog with a visit to Paws and a professional grooming session while they're here. Your dog will come home happier and healthier for it!

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