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Taking the Paw-Fect Picture of Your Dog

As we enter the Autumn season here on the Costa del Sol, now is a great time to spend plenty of time in the great outdoors with your dog. Be it a long walk on the beach, hiking in the mountains, or by the river, playing at the park, or even at home in your garden, there’s ample opportunity for quality bonding time, exercise, and socialization with your dog this time of year.

And, of course, as any pet owner knows, spending time with your dog means taking lots of photos of your dog! Here’s the best way to take and edit all those shots of your furry baby!

How to Take A Great Photo of Your Dog

Getting a great shot of your dog is not an easy task, we know! Full of energy and not likely to take posing instructions from you mean that often the best photos you have of your dog are either of them sleeping or are a bit blurry. And that’s ok, too, because capturing your pooch’s personality is by far the most important aspect to taking a great photo of them, and that sometimes means the adorable shot of them curled up in their doggy bed or a fuzzy streak of a body running wildly in a game of fetch. If you’re looking to up your photo-taking skills, though, here are some helpful tips to consider and try:

Change the Perspective: Try a few different camera angles by getting down on the ground with your dog or high above them to capture unique perspectives. This gives more personality to your photos and make them instantly more attention-grabbing.

Focus on the Eyes: Clear, bright, expressive eyes will always make for a great photo subject, human and dog alike. Focus your attention on capturing your dog’s eyes during moments of rest and play to really let their personality come through.

Give Toys or Treats: Not only do they make great props, using your dog’s favourite toys or treats during a paparazzi session is a fantastic way to grab their attention and entice them to respond to your photo clicks.

Anticipate their Actions: You know your dog best, so you probably know how they will act and react in certain situations, be it throwing a stick or treat for them to catch, finding a bird to chase on the beach, jumping into the river, rolling around the grass, and more, giving you the chance to prepare yourself and your camera to capture them at these moments. The best photos are often those taken with only a split second to spare, so knowing when they might be coming is often your best tool for capturing the very best photos of your dog.

Be Patient: Finally, be prepared to take an insane amount of photos to get the perfect one. You can always delete the ones that don’t make the final cut later!

Editing your Photos to Perfection

Once you have taken your photos and chosen your favourites, you can enhance them further by editing them to perfection. There are a number of photo editing apps that can help you. Some of our favourites are:

Snapseed & VSCO: Free, easy photo editing apps that are simple to navigate and use for beginners to experiment with different effects and filters. Both are similar in ease and use but each offers different filter features, so try them both out and see which one you prefer.

Afterlight: Offering paid and free versions, Afterlight has all the standard photo editing options plus a few more, mostly geared towards exposure and lighting options like double exposure, colour shifts, and selective colour.

Lens Distortions: Standard edit options plus the ability to add realistic weather effects to your photos like light flares, sun rays, fog, and snow make this a fun app to use for outdoor photos of your pooch.

Hypocam allows you to see how your photo would look in black and white in real time and then offers a host of editing tools specifically for black and white photos so you can professionally edit them afterwards.

PS Express: Great for people that are familiar with photoshop and want to have the benefits of it on their phone (except for layering which PS Express isn’t great at). Perhaps the best feature of this app for doggy pics is the ability to reduce or eliminate red eye on animals, something that most other photo editing apps don’t provide.

Canva: If you love to share your pet photos on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest or elsewhere, Canva is a great option as it provides you the ability to edit and create photos that are optimized specifically for particular social media platforms.

Lightroom CC: A paired-down version of Adobe’s Classic Lightroom that was designed for professionals, the CC version is great for amateur use, including dog paparazzi, to give you the ability to edit, adjust, filter, and watermark your photos. And if you’re ready to take your photography to the next level, you can opt for the paid version (Classic) that gives you even more features plus the ability to sync your masterpieces across multiple devices.

Adobe Spark: Use a multitude of your favourite photos to create a collage, presentation, video, and more with Adobe Spark. It’s a great tool to use once you have edited your individual photos and want to use them to create something bigger and better.

Paws Doggy Daycare – A Paw-Fect Place for Dogs

Can’t get out with your dog as often as you’d like? Let them run, play, and socialize with us here at Paws Doggy Daycare in the Estepona countryside! We offer a large, safe, stimulating environment for your fur baby to spend the day or even overnight with dedicated facilities and carers that will love and care for your dog like their own. We’ll even snap a few pics of your pooch having a great time with us so you can practice your editing skills and include them with your favourites at home and online!

And remember, whether spending time with us or out and about yourselves, don’t forget to share your doggy photo masterpieces on our social media pages or tag us in your amazing photos on Facebook and Instagram – we can’t get enough of their adorable doggy faces on our feeds!

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