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The Importance Of Exercise For Dogs

Exercise is extremely important for a dog’s physical and mental health and should be an integral part of every doggy day. Positive effects of regular and adequate exercise in dogs include:

  1. Lower anxiety. Like humans, exercise in dogs releases endorphins which causes a sense of happiness, translating to better behaved, better socialized, calmer dogs at home.

  2. Increased lifespan. Some age-related diseases have been shown to decrease with regular (age-appropriate) exercise in dogs. Who doesn’t want more time with their furry friends?!

  3. Stronger bonds together. Spending active time with your dog encourages bonding time, leaving you both happier and healthier!

  4. Improved joints. Safe exercise for your dog keeps their joints lubricated, necessary for staying fit well into old age.

  5. More trust. And more trust translates to better obedience, stronger bonds, and happier relationships.

  6. A sense of purpose. Dogs are instinctual and, even domesticated as they are, have the urge to work. While not all dog owners are in the position to give their dogs a job like hunting or herding, getting outdoors gives your pooch the opportunity to create one for themselves (like chasing a bird or digging a hole).

  7. Increased mental stimulation. New and exciting locations, toys, and games give dogs much-needed mental stimulation as they learn more about the world.

  8. Improved socialization. Good social skills - which equate to dogs that pose less danger to themselves and others, are learned and the best way to teach them is by getting your dog out of the house and interacting with other dogs.

On-Leash or Off-Leash?

For the sake of structure, most owners prefer that their dogs go for walks on-leash, but nearly all dogs, if given the option, would prefer off-leash activities so they have the freedom to run and explore at their own pace. At Paws Doggy Daycare Centre in Estepona, our facilities are securely fenced so that all of our doggy guests can exercise socially with the dogs and in the areas they choose. Our shaded 3,500m orchard offers plenty of space and stimuli to run about and explore, and our full-sized swimming pool gives our canine friends the chance to exercise in a fun way, especially during hot summer days. And with regular playtime with Dan and his team and walks through the countryside and splashes in the nearby river, Paws Doggy Daycare is the perfect retreat where your furry friend can get all the exercise they need.

Down Time

Of course, rest and relaxation is an important part of a dog’s mental and physical health, too. That’s why we offer plenty of spaces for our Paws pack to unwind. Whether it’s in outdoors in the sun or shade, in a shallow paddling pool to keep cool, or indoors in our in-house made-for-dogs doggy hotel, plenty of time is offered to cool down after play and exercise so your dog stays balanced, happy, and healthy.

If you want to find out more about how your dog could benefit from spending time with us, visit our website or give us a call on (+34) 625 847 779.

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