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The Power of Play

Dogs are a lot like kids, so it should come as no surprise to all the doggy parents out there that playtime is an important part of your dog's development, both physically and mentally. In fact, unlike their human counterparts, dogs don't grow out of their love of playtime! Perhaps that's why we love being around them so much – their perpetual puppy-like enthusiasm for life and love of all things fun is not only adorable to observe, it can make us feel young at heart too. What better way to make sure your dog has the happiest, healthiest life possible, than by making sure they get plenty of playtime?

The Development of Doggy Play

As a puppy, your dog rolled, tumbled, and play fought with his or her siblings which was not only fun, it helped them to develop important fine motor skills. As your pup got older, they likely engaged in slightly more aggressive play fighting with their mum and other doggy companions, who encouraged it because it taught them valuable skills about adapting to unexpected situations, muscle control, and social bonding. As a fully grown dog, playtime is mostly about socialization. It's a great way for your dog to build and keep lean muscles and a healthy heart, but playing together is the best way for your dog to socialize with -believe it or not, you! In fact, playfulness in adult dogs is believed to be a learned behaviour, carefully nurtured through natural selection and encouraged even today because playing with your dog has far reaching physical and mental health benefits to you as a dog owner. No wonder dogs are man's best friend!

The Best Kinds of Play for Any Dog

So now that we know how important playtime is for both you and your dog, it makes perfect sense that the best kind of play for them, no matter their age or breed, is with you! Interacting with your dog during playtime is a great way to stimulate a natural bond and as playtime is a social skill and an excuse to be around you, playtime is, ultimately anything you want it to be! Training games or playing fetch or tug-of-war are great interactive ways to play, but your dog will get just as much playtime stimulation from more passive forms of play such as going for walks, pets, and snuggles. Quite literally anything goes! The only hard and fast playtime rule you need to follow is to allow for variety: change up the route on you neighbourhood walks, opt for a more strenuous hike through the campo, go for a stroll along a sandy beach, play fetch in a grassy park, go swimming together in a pool or in the ocean, enrol you and your dog in obedience school together, get goofy with your dog at home, have a snuggle on the couch together -as long as you switch it up regularly, these are all fantastic ways to have fun together and boost your bond.

Keep in mind that, like us, giving your dog a variety of playtime activities should also include toys they can choose to play with alone, like squeaky toys or chew toys. Dogs, too, like to play with other dogs and should be given the opportunity to do so. Doggy playdates are a great option for this but keep in mind that, like us, every dog will have their own personal preferences as to how much they like to interact with their peers, so your best option is to allow your dog plenty of time to be around other dogs, but never force them to interact.

The Best of Both Worlds

We know that you love spending time with your dog, but we also know that it's impossible to spend all your time with them. That's where Paws Doggy Daycare comes in. We love spending time with your dog, too! And whether you need a place for your pup while you're away at work, have a non-dog friendly event to attend or host, will be travelling for work or pleasure, or simply want to give your dog a bit of socialization time, our doggy daycare and doggy hotel are a great option. Our staff understand that dogs have different playtime needs and will happily accommodate them with fun games together, plenty of snuggles, walks through the campo, romps around our spacious enclosed facilities, even a splash about in our full-sized or relaxed kiddie pools! And with fully-vetted doggy friends to be made with our Paws Pack -should your dog want some canine companionship, bringing your dog to Paws Doggy Daycare in Estepona offers them the best of both playtime worlds that leads to a happier, healthier dog (and ultimately, a happier, healthier you!)

Check out our social media pages for photos of our doggy guests having a great time at Paws or get in touch with us today to organize a visit for you and your pup and see for yourself how much fun they can have with us!

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